Galaxy Tab S5 will come with its own S Pen as well

The Galaxy Note 10 isn’t the only new device that Samsung will be launching in the coming months. It also has a new flagship tablet in the pipeline, the Galaxy Tab S5 to be precise. Samsung has already released a Galaxy Tab S5e even before making the Galaxy Tab S5 official.

We continue to hear more information about the tablet. The latest is that the Galaxy Tab S5 will indeed come with its own stylus. Some may have thought that it wouldn’t, considering that the Galaxy Tab S5e doesn’t have one.

Samsung’s high-end tablets have come with a stylus since the Galaxy Tab S3. It was also present on the new tablet’s predecessor. As we mentioned in our Galaxy Tab S4 review, the S Pen is as good as the one on Samsung’s Galaxy Note flagships. It works well on the tablet’s big display and provides a lot of familiar features.

The presence of the S Pen also means that the Galaxy Tab S5 is going to cost more than the 399 euro Galaxy Tab S5e. Given that the Galaxy Tab S4 had a 699 euro price tag, it can reasonably be expected that its successor will cost around the same.

Customers will get some decent specs for their money. We have already confirmed exclusively that the Galaxy Tab S5 will skip the 64GB internal storage option. The base model will have 128GB and will jump directly to 512GB for the more expensive variant. The latest benchmark sighting also reveals that it will be powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 855 processor with 6GB of RAM.

It’s unclear when Samsung intends to launch the Galaxy Tab S5. There’s a possibility that it may be launched alongside or soon after the Galaxy Note 10.

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