Apple begins a new phase of production of iMac laptops

A new step opens the door to a new stage in the production of iMac devices, as the American company Apple announced a new technical and design breakthrough with the introduction of the new 24-inch iMac laptop.

And Apple moved to a new stage in the production of laptops, the iMac, after 15 years; You no longer rely on Intel processors or the silver aluminum body with wide black edges.

In the new laptop, the American company relied on the high-performance M1 processor from its development, which is characterized by significant energy savings while providing greater performance at the same time, in addition to that the iMac computers are no longer limited to the silver color, but are now available in blue and green Pink, yellow and purple.

Slim design

The new 24-inch Apple iMac comes with a thickness of 11.5 mm, and is, therefore, thinner than many screens without a computer inside, thanks to the thin motherboard with the M1 processor.

The American company relied on another technical trick, which is the installation of the electronics of the 230-volt power supply unit in an external body.

And this body is connected to the back of the screen by a cable wrapped in fabric and with a suitable color, and it is fixed by magnets, and the task of this cable is not limited to transmitting electric current only, but also to transfer data if necessary, and the Gigabit Ethernet cable can also be connected to the small white box, This design reduces heat build-up inside the device, which allows for the installation of smaller fans.

4.5K Retina display

During the practical test, the Retina screen with a resolution of 4.5K appeared very beautifully, and this screen allows 11.3 million pixels and more than a billion colors to display, and its importance appears when editing photos and videos in particular, but a program with a 10-bit color depth such as Adobe Photoshop or a program is required. 

Apple Preview.

The technical equipment package for the new 24-inch laptop iMac includes two Thunderbolt ports with a speed of up to 40 gigabits per second, and the integrated graphics card supports the installation of an external screen with a resolution of up to 6K (5760 x 3240 pixels).

The new laptop has a built-in Full HD video camera (1920 x 1080 pixels), and the image quality is greatly improved during video conferencing by the image signal processor in the M1 system, even without the need for professional lighting.

Improve sound quality

In addition, the American company has improved the sound quality; Where it installed 3 microphones in the new laptop to transmit sound naturally and very clear, in addition to the possibility of canceling annoying background noise, and the sound system installed in the new laptop includes 6 speakers with support for the spatial audio function and Dolby Atmos technology.

The new Apple iMac 24-inch laptop includes an internal memory of 256 GB, and the base model comes with an eight-core processor and seven graphics cores, like the new MacBook Air.

The best models feature 8-core graphics equipment, and the cheaper model lacks two USB-3 ports, an Ethernet port integrated into the power supply unit, and a Touch ID fingerprint sensor on the integrated keyboard.

And Apple announced the availability of the basic model of the new iMac in white, green, pink, and silver, and not in yellow, orange, and purple.

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