Apple supports iPad Pro with wireless charging in 2022

The latest reports revealed Apple's plans to support iPad Pro devices with wireless charging by 2022, while this year's iPad mini is presented with a new design. The latest leaks, which came through an industry source familiar with Apple's plans, confirmed that the company is on its way to support iPad Pro devices with wireless charging next year, provided that the devices support the MagSafe system in accessories.

The report also confirmed that Apple is on its way to launch the iPad mini this year with a new design, as the frames come with a thin design in the vicinity of the screen, and the main button also disappears in this version, as this is the first change in the design of this series after 6 years of the last change. 

A previous report indicated that Apple will support some of the company’s versions of the iPad in 2022 with OLED screens, as expectations indicate that the smaller version of the iPad Pro comes in 2022 with an OLED screen, while Apple continues to support the distinctive 12.9-inch iPad Pro with mini-screens. -LED.

It is noteworthy that the Apple Conference for Developers kicks off next Monday when Apple is expected to unveil iOS and iPadOS 15 systems, and new versions of the MacBook Pro devices that launch with a new design.

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