Leaks clarify the details and specifications of the Apple Watch 7 smart watch

The latest leaks reviewed the expected specifications of the upcoming Apple smartwatch, the Apple Watch 7, which combines the best features with the new Apple watchOS 8 update. Apple recently introduced the watchOS 8 update, which includes a set of the best features that include the always-on feature on the screen, but it does not support blood sugar sensing technology.

And leaks published in Bloomberg via Gurman have revealed some of the specifications of the upcoming version of the Apple Watch 7, which comes on top of the S7 processor with faster performance, with faster wireless connectivity with an upgrade in bandwidth, and Apple also offers a smartwatch with a new screen with a thinner frame design, And the structure is thicker.

It is scheduled, according to the report, that Apple will offer an upgrade to the processor in the Apple Watch 7, as this version supports the S7 processor, which provides faster performance, faster and more efficient communication.

Previous leaks indicated that Apple supports the Apple Watch 7 with a new design with a flat design for the side frames of the smartwatch, and Apple also offers green in the color choices available for this version.

It was also pointed out that Apple uses new technology in the watch screen to support a thinner screen design, and support higher screen brightness. It is also expected that Apple will resort to increasing the thickness of the Apple Watch 7 chassis to increase the battery capacity in the watch, which is among the most important problems recorded by users of Apple smartwatches.

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