Teaser for the upcoming Xiaomi Mi TV 6 Extreme

The Chinese giant Xiaomi published a teaser for the upcoming special edition of the Xiaomi Mi TV 6 Extreme, where the announcement confirmed that the device comes with 100 backlight sections to enhance image quality. Xiaomi is holding the next event on June 28 to officially announce the Mi TV 6, and today a new teaser revealed the company's plans to launch the Xiaomi Mi TV 6 Extreme during the event.

And the Xiaomi teaser came on the company’s official account on the Weibo platform, where the announcement revealed an image of the distinctive screen with 100 sections in a backlit LCD screen.

It is planned that this number in the backlight on the screen will produce a higher quality picture with more efficient central dimming, and the teaser confirmed that this design competes with the premium versions of smart TVs.

It is also expected that the Mi TV 6 Extreme Edition will come with a high pricing level similar to the premium versions in the market. The TV also comes in an immersive black color and a more realistic picture.

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