Apple invades the market with 90 million units of the iPhone 12

At a time when many are waiting for the release of the iPhone 13, Apple has asked its suppliers to increase production of the new generation of iPhone 12 by about 20% this year, according to Bloomberg.

And sources indicated, according to the American Bloomberg Agency, that the American technology company ordered the production of 90 million units of the new Apple iPhone 12, which will be its second phone that supports 5G networks.

Apple has maintained a continuous level in recent years, producing about 75 million units since the launch of the mobile until the end of the year, and raising production for 2021 means that the company expects additional demand when the device is launched, with the support of “Covid-19” vaccinations.

The company is expected to announce four new models in September, earlier than last year when the phones were launched in October, supported by the recovery of the supply chain.

Although the design of the new phones will remain largely unchanged, Apple plans to reduce the size of the front camera, and the sensor to unlock the phone by face or notch.

The smart phone market is awaiting the launch of the iPhone 13, and despite the reservations of the American company Apple on the official date of the launch of the new phone, media reports have speculated about the date.

According to the newspaper, “The US Sun, Apple will launch its next generation of iPhone 13 on Tuesday, September 14, or Wednesday, September 15.

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