Apple Watches and FitBit are able to detect the long-term effects of Covid-19

Smartwatches and fitness bracelets have become completely focused on health over the years, as Apple with its smartwatch and brands such as FitBit have integrated important health features into their devices, while new research hints that the Apple Watch - and a few wearable devices You may well discover the long-term effects of Covid-19.

A report from The New York Times cites research by scientists at the Scripps Translational Research Institute in California, and according to the scientists, they found that “about nine days after participants with Covid first started reporting symptoms, their heart rate decreased.”

And after a short period of decline, according to the scientists, the heart rates of Covid-19 patients rose again and raised for several months, and the scientists said in their research: “It took 79 days, on average, for resting heart rates to return to normal, compared to four Only days for those in the non-Covid group.

Moreover, levels of sleep and physical activity also returned to baseline more slowly in those with Covid-19 than in those with other diseases, the report noted.

A small subset of people's heart rates remained above normal for a month to a month after they contracted Covid-19, and the report notes that "approximately 14 percent of people with the disease fall into this category, and heart rates no longer They have returned to normal for more than 133 days on average."

And smartwatches such as the Apple Watch and FitBit can help monitor data on heart rates, body temperature, physical activity, and more - in detecting early signs of Covid-19 symptoms, as research showed that data from Fitbit or Apple Watch showed physiological and behavioral changes that could persist. For weeks or months after a person is diagnosed with Covid-19.

The study monitored 37,000 participants for more than nine months, and all participants had to download an app and agreed to share private wearable data, health records, and symptoms.

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