Huawei returns to the high-end: the P50 series will be presented on July 29

Huawei's P50 series will be presented on July 29 after a few months of delay from its usual launch window in the first half of the year. Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei, confirmed it on the Chinese social network Weibo.

"The road ahead has no end, this time we again surpass ourselves in the field of photography," said the senior executive.

The P series has been characterized by a great performance in photography and Huawei is expected to present more than one model.

Huawei still stands

This will be the second family of P-series equipment to arrive after the sanctions that separated Huawei from Google's mobile services. Huawei has also had to overcome problems working with semiconductor companies that used American technology in their production lines.

The arrival of this series is an achievement in the midst of so many difficulties. In addition, it will be the first high-end from Huawei to come with HarmonyOS installed.

The announcement comes at a time when the mobile market is looking pretty dynamic. Xiaomi has achieved a second place globally , largely due to the market that Huawei lost and Honor has already announced that it will launch its first high-end since the separation of Huawei in 2020 on August 12.

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