Huawei V 75 Super smart device will be launched on July 29 with a Mini LED screen

Huawei will hold a new event on July 29 to unveil its new smart screen Huawei V 75 Super, which is launched with the HarmonyOS 2.0 operating system and Mini LED panels.

The V 75 Super is the first smart TV presented by Huawei with Mini LED panels, and the announcement of the Chinese giant, which was published on Weibo, made it clear that the Huawei V 75 Super includes 46080 ultra-miniature LED lighting, which supports the screen in producing realistic images with higher efficiency and more accurate details.

The smart screen also supports an audio system that includes 20 units for theatrical sound production, but Huawei did not provide more details about the specifications of the Huawei V 75 Super.

It is noteworthy that Mini LED screens support devices with higher standards of accuracy in color and contrast, and offer a wider color gamut and higher brightness, and this category of screens is characterized by lower power consumption.

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