LG's new wireless headphones have a whisper mode to keep your calls private

If you are someone who prefers to keep the microphone of your wired headphones close to your mouth during calls to ensure that you can be easily heard without yelling, LG's new Tone Free wireless headphones now offer similar functionality to help keep your conversations private in public.

LG has announced three new models to join its line of Tone Free wireless headphones, the FP5, FP8, and FP9. Features and prices vary between the three models, but all include a useful new feature called

Whisper mode allows you to remove the right earbud and hold it close to your mouth as a dedicated microphone during phone calls without the call being paused or ended. This allows the user not only to speak louder in public for privacy reasons but also to be better heard in noisy environments thanks to having the microphone so close to the mouth.

LG has also borrowed a feature introduced in the Bowers & Wilkins PI7 wireless earbuds, in which the charging case can be plugged in and used as a wireless Bluetooth transmitter for devices that lack that functionality. It's only available on the Tone Free FP9 headphones, but it means that the headphones can be used with devices like the Nintendo Switch that for some reason don't natively offer BlueTooth connection.

The distinctive sterilization feature of the original LG Tone Free wireless headphones is also available, but only on the high-end FP9 and mid-range FP8 models. This feature uses UV light to kill bacteria while the headphones are stored in the case and being charged. Both the FP9 and FP5 charging cases need to be connected to a cable to recharge their batteries, but the FP8 offers the convenience of wireless charging.

Battery life for the FP9 and FP8 models, according to the manufacturer, is 10 hours for headphones with active noise cancellation turned off, and a total of 24 hours, when combined with the, recharges offered by their cases. In the case of the FP5, the battery life of the headphones is 8 hours or up to 22 hours with the case.

LG hasn't revealed pricing yet, but the original Tone Free sold for $ 200, so we can expect the higher-end FP9s to be similarly priced, and the FP8 and FP5 to be a bit more affordable. In terms of availability, LG says the Tone Free FP series will be available starting this month in key markets, and in more territories before the end of the year.

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