Sure introduces two portable microphones to facilitate work in the home office

The Middle East, the leading global company in the field of electronic audio devices, announced the launch of a new set of microphones that enhance sound and make it easier for people who work from home to set up. The company introduced the new MV5C,  a small home office microphone that's incredibly powerful and delivers studio-quality sound. The company also introduced the popular MV7 Podcast  Microphone that was announced last year with a range of innovative accessories for easy plug and play,  this microphone is ideal for people looking to deliver the highest levels of sound from the comfort of their home.   

There is no doubt that video meetings and work from home continue due to the current circumstances,  so many employees have created working conditions that make them feel more comfortable and facilitate the work at home. But there are some common problems that many employees experience, including unwanted noise, picked up by laptops or computer microphones from the user's surroundings. However, a simple solution to overcome this is to use an external microphone designed specifically for home offices, in order to enhance the user's voice during important conversations, presentations, or meetings.        

MV5C. Microphone  

The  MV5C is an essential work tool in the home office, as it connects directly to your Mac or  Windows computer via the included  USB cable and greatly enhances the sound quality. The microphone's design helps provide superior sound quality by enhancing sound insulation and helping to reduce reverberation in the room. The microphone is also ideal for those who work in a smaller space and makes the user's voice sound as high-quality as if they are speaking in a conference room.    

MV7 group

Developed specifically for podcast and podcast creators, the MV7  includes upgraded controls that make it ideal for those looking for high-quality audio at home. The microphone is distinguished by its versatility, ease of control, flexible connection options with the highest levels of sound quality in addition to its elegant compact design, while the newly introduced range of accessories includes

Both microphones are compatible with third-party conferencing software, which includes  Zoom and  Microsoft Teams. 

Microphone prices and availability 

Shure MV5C Microphone is priced at  AED 499 and is available at  Melody House, Amazon, Sound Town, DJ Corner. The Shure MV7 set is priced at  AED 1,149 and is available at  Melody House, Amazon, Sound Town, DJ Corner. 

About Shore Company  

Shure Corporation ( ) has been providing an exceptional audio experience to people for nearly a century. Founded in 1925, the company is one of the world's leading manufacturers of audio equipment of the highest quality, superior performance, and durability, manufacturing microphones, wireless microphone systems, self-listening devices, headphones, headphones, conference systems, and other audio devices. Shure devices can always be relied upon, whether in situations that require the highest levels of accuracy in hearing or important events on theatres, studios, and in the meeting room.  

Headquartered in Niles, Illinois, the company has more than 30 manufacturing facilities and regional sales offices across the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.  

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