The Wall 2021: Samsung's modular panel will reach 1000 inches

Modular screens The Wall of Samsung already has version 2021, which can be extended up to 1000 inches. Now Samsung's panel features microLED technology, featuring improvements in contrast with smaller LEDs by 40 percent.

Samsung is already in the 8K

The Wall 2021 also improves its processing technology with Artificial Intelligence, capable of optimizing images up to 8K resolution. The 8K content can also be seen as more fluid, reaching 120Hz of refreshment. The Wall can also be configured in 16K resolution.

Other technologies included are Micro HDR and Micro Motion, with 20-bit image processing.

1000 inches in your living room? No, unless you are Jeff Bezos or Elon Musk. The Wall is focused on the commercial and advertising market.

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