Video leaks reveal the keyboard design of the Mi Pad 5

The latest video leaks revealed the design of the keyboard case that will be presented by Xiaomi soon for the Mi Pad 5 tablet. Xiaomi is preparing to announce soon its Mi Pad 5 tablet, and the latest leaks have reviewed the keyboard accessory that the Chinese giant offers for this version with a stylus pen.

The images of the keyboard clipboard were revealed in leaks spotted in the CNIPA database, where the pictures show the keyboard design featured in a dedicated location for installing the Mi Pad 5 pen, and the top of the clipboard includes a square design slot for the rear camera. The keyboard case also does not include a trackpad, and it features a design in which the keys reach the edges, and the case includes a kickstand for installing the tablet to position the computer.

It is reported that previous leaks have reviewed some of the specifications of the Mi Pad 5 tablet, as the device supports the device with a battery capacity of 8520 mAh, and it also comes with quad settings for the rear camera, and the Snapdragon 870 processor chip.

Some leaks also indicate that Xiaomi is also planning to launch the Mi Pad Pro version, which comes with a 120Hz refresh rate on the screen, which features 2560 by 1600 pixel display resolution, and also includes a Dimensity 1200 processor chip.

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