75% of new smartphones support fifth-generation networks

It has been two years since 5G commercial licenses were issued in China, and the new phones have gained popularity pretty quickly. About 75% of smartphones that hit the Chinese market this year support 5G networks.

Data from the China Academy of Information and Communication Technology show that from January to July this year, the total number of mobile phone shipments to the Chinese market was 203 million units. This is 15.6% more than a year earlier. At the same time, 151 million smartphones support fifth-generation networks. This means that 74.3% of the total smartphone shipments in the first seven months of this year were 5G smartphones. At present, the cumulative shipments of 5G mobile phones in China have reached 327 million units.

In July this year, 28.676 million mobile phones were shipped to the Chinese market, which is 28% more than a year earlier. Of this number, 22.834 million smartphones support 5G, which is 80% of the total. This month alone, 26 new smartphone models have entered the Chinese market, including 11 with 5G support.

Moreover, more than 90% of smartphones that came out in China in July were produced by Chinese companies. From January to July, shipments of Chinese brands' mobile phones totaled 181 million units, accounting for 89.4% of total mobile phone shipments in the same period.

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