Here is the worst month to buy an iPhone?

If you want to buy an iPhone, you have to choose the right time to ensure you get the latest releases from the giant Apple. It is widely expected that Apple will unveil new iPhones next September, as it does every year except last year.

With that in mind, you should think before spending $700 or more on a new iPhone because there is a high probability of launching a better model next month at a similar price. The iPhone 13 is not expected to be a major upgrade to the iPhone 12, according to Bloomberg. But if you were to invest several hundred dollars in upgrading your phone, you might as well get the best instead of investing in last year's technology.

The iPhone 13 will come with a newer processor, a slightly improved design with a less noticeable cutout near the top of the screen, and better video-recording capabilities, according to a Bloomberg report. Like last year's iPhone 12 family, it came in 4 models, including the smaller 5.4-inch and 6.7-inch models.

In other words, it doesn't look like the iPhone 13 will be very different from the iPhone 12. This means that it is likely intended for those who are updating older iPhones. Perhaps you are one of those who still keep the iPhone X, and are not interested in getting the latest iPhone. In that case, you'd probably say it's none of your business and that you'd rather buy an iPhone 12 and not wait for the latest one, right? In fact, this is a misconception.

The worst time to buy a new one

Another reason why you should wait for the new iPhone model even if you are looking for the iPhone 12 is the offers that Apple provides on the older models when they launch the new model. Apple usually discounts older models after releasing the latest iPhones. After launching the iPhone 12 last year, for example, Apple cut the price of the iPhone 11 to $600.

It also slashed the price of the iPhone XR in 2019 after the introduction of the iPhone 11, so you might want to wait and see if third-party retailers lower their prices in an effort to weed out old stock in preparation for the launch of the new iPhone.

So unless you absolutely need a new iPhone right now, you should wait for Apple's next iPhone launch. Aside from the possibility of getting a better deal on the old model, you'll also be able to make a more informed decision about whether the newer model is right for you.

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