HW Test: SteelSeries Prime gaming mouse - a reliable tool

Two months ago, we looked at the Rival 5 gaming mouse, which attracted, among other things, very strong RGB lighting or extra buttons for more complex games. Today's piece from SteelSeries, however, looks significantly different at first glance, as it belongs to the so-called "Pro" series and is intended for serious, more demanding players or even professional players, for whom it is supposed to be an uncompromisingly functional and reliable tool.

  • Interface: USB
  • Motion sensor : Optical
  • Sensor : TrueMove Pro
  • Maximum sensor sensitivity: 18,000 CPI, 450 IPS
  • Response time:  1000 Hz / 1 ms
  • Number of programmable buttons: 6
  • Length:  125.3 mm
  • Height: 23 / 42.4 mm (front / rear)
  • Width: 59 / 67.9 mm (front / rear)
  • Weight : 69 grams
  • Cable:  Braided, 2 meters
  • Ergonomics:  right-handed
  • Price : 1 799 CZK ( SteelSeries )


At first glance, the mouse looks much more like a serious working tool than a pleasing game periphery. The matte black surface is also decorated with a matte gray logo, so no distinctive white or even backlighting takes place at this point. The only source of illumination for the mouse are two very thin stripes along the edges of the mouse wheel, which also have a functional rather than a decorative role: for example, color changes indicate the degree of sensitivity you have set to the mouse. Of course, even here you have the option to significantly dim the lighting or turn it off completely using the official application, which you can download for free. Even without the application, you are able to change the preset sensitivity variations by short or long presses of the button on the bottom of the mouse.

The steel shape itself was developed, as is customary with SteelSeries, in collaboration with professional gamers, who tested a variety of shapes to find the most comfortable one without having too much impact on the weight of the mouse. The result is a markedly rounded shape, reminiscent of a whale - thanks to which the hand rests on it a little more comfortably, which you will appreciate especially when playing for a long time. What I struggled with a bit is a pair of side buttons, which we came perhaps too sunk into the wall of the mouse, so they didn't press so easily. But it is quite possible that this was the intention - the mouse places great emphasis on the straightforwardness and reliable functionality of the main controls, which do not include these two buttons, and probably the goal was to prevent them from being accidentally pressed.


One of the most distinctive mice of their own are switches that combine a mechanical solution equipped with a high-quality neodymium magnet with an infrared sensor that helps send a button press for a few microseconds before the mechanical switch itself is fully depressed. We talk about differences that are virtually imperceptible to the human eye, but this is an important part of why playing with this mouse is so precise. The switch also sounds noticeably more durable, which the manufacturer even demonstrates with a sound sample - this is how the classic switch sounds and this is how the Prime mouse switch sounds. According to the warranty, the switches have to withstand up to 100 million presses.

We tested the mouse in its cable variant, while the cable itself can be disconnected for easier storage (but the mouse is not rechargeable). In any case, the connected cable holds very firmly and acts as if it is not even removable. The design is made of lightweight knitted material, so it does not scratch and does not jam. The mouse is also available in a higher "plus" variant with an extra sensor for lifting the mouse above the surface, or even in a higher (and more expensive) wireless variant. Personally, however, I really like this basic version, as a seemingly simple, but at the same time uncompromisingly reliable, surprisingly comfortable, and moderately elegant gaming mouse.

You can order the mouse directly from the manufacturer  SteelSeries, but it is also easily available in Czech stores.

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