Microsoft Announces Upscale Xbox Series X UI

A few hours ago, Xbox Director of Product Management Jason Ronald admitted that Microsoft is testing the Xbox Series X interface at an increased resolution, but he did not specify if it was 1440p or 4K.

The Xbox Series X game console can render games up to 4K @ 120fps, but the UI is rendered at 1080p. On large diagonals, the image and text may appear blurry, for which Microsoft has already been criticized by fans. That being said, the PlayStation 5 natively offers a 4K user interface.

Jason Ronald has confirmed that Xbox Series X Insiders who were part of the alpha testers group will receive an update that will increase the UI resolution. The update notes simply state that "the user interface will be rendered at a higher resolution for sharper, more readable text."

It is also reported that Xbox Series S users will not get the increased user interface resolution. This change is for Xbox Series X owners only. If testing is successful, the higher resolution UI should be available to all Xbox Series X owners in the coming months.

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