Not all Xiaomi smartphones of the Redmi K50 line will receive the SoC Snapdragon 895

According to the latest data, not all smartphones of the Redmi K50 line will receive the new top-end Qualcomm platform. In this, they will be similar to the Redmi K40 line. In particular, the new SoC Snapdragon 895 is attributed to the K50 Pro and K50 Pro + models, while the base K50 will allegedly receive the Snapdragon 888. The situation is about the same now: the K40 Pro and K40 Pro + are equipped with the Snapdragon 888, and the K40 received the Snapdragon 870. Will Qualcomm release it in next year, the conditional Snapdragon 890, which will only be a slightly accelerated version of the Snapdragon 888, is still unknown. 

In any case, each of the listed platforms has very high performance, sufficient for any day-to-day tasks. As shown by numerous tests of the Snapdragon 888, sometimes the top-end solution turns out to be even worse than the younger ones due to high heat and throttling.  

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