Samsung Galaxy Buds2 headphones presented

Samsung Electronics has introduced the new Galaxy Buds2 fully wireless headphones. The new model is very similar in design to the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro headphones that debuted at the beginning of the year ( review ). As for the charging case, it also resembles the cases of its predecessors, Galaxy Buds Pro and Galaxy Buds Live ( review ) - almost square, with rounded corners.  

Declared two-way speakers - tweeter and woofer. The earbuds are waterproof, but not water-resistant - IPX2 compliant. Supports Bluetooth 5.2, automatic switching between devices, provided you use Galaxy smartphones and tablets with OneUI 3.1. 

Galaxy Buds2 supports active noise canceling with three microphones. There is also the "Sound background" mode, when the headset microphones pick up external sounds and transmit them through the speakers to the user's ears, the ambient sound can be amplified up to +9 dB. 

The battery capacity of the earbuds and the case is 61 and 472 mAh, respectively. The battery life of music playback with the noise-canceling turned off is 7.5 hours, and taking into account the recharging from the case - 29 hours. With active noise cancellation, autonomy is reduced to 5 and 20 hours, respectively.

Russian users will be able to purchase Galaxy Buds2 in black, white, olive and purple colors for the recommended price of 10,990 rubles. This is noticeably cheaper than the Galaxy Buds Pro, which are now offered on the official Samsung website for 14,990 rubles, including a discount, at the standard price of 17,990 rubles. 

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