Samsung introduces a smart oven and dishwasher that fights bacteria

Away from smartphones and laptops, the technology giant Samsung revealed a smart oven and a smart dishwasher, as the South Korean company recently launched a SOLO smart microwave oven that comes with a quick defrost feature.  Quick Defrost, which has a capacity of 23 liters. 

Samsung says, in a statement, that the Quick Defrost function defrosts frozen food quickly and evenly, and the automatic defrost algorithm calculates the correct defrost time for five common types of foods so that it takes much less time to prepare the ingredients.

The company says that when you want to prepare several dishes, the Keep Warm function helps keep everything at the right temperature without overcooking, using the grill heater, so the food stays warm and tastes like it's just cooked and ready to serve.

Samsung has provided the microwave oven from the inside with durable ceramic CERAMIC INSIDE because it is easy to clean and non-scratch, and its smooth surface can be cleaned without rubbing and will not change color over time, and it is highly resistant to scratching and rust, which makes it long-lasting.

The Samsung Solo device features a wide range of pre-programmed recipes, and any dish can be cooked with the touch of a small button, giving the user the ability to shorten the time when preparing meals.

Samsung has added ECO Mode to its device, which significantly reduces power consumption, with the lowest power consumption in standby mode.

The South Korean company, Samsung revealed a new dishwasher that can perform washing dishes more quickly, and help reduce bacteria in dishes. The new washing machine offers a simpler and easier way to wash dishes with a large and spacious LED display that is easy to read so that users can handle it easily.

The new washer system allows you to quickly check status, settings, remaining time, and cycle progress with a single glance, even from a distance. So that the washing performance can be monitored and controlled effortlessly.

In a statement, the company explained, on its website, the benefits of the dishwasher's hygienic rinsing system, and its importance in reducing bacteria and deep cleaning dishes.

The company said, the (hygienic wash) option can be activated with certain programs for hygienic cleaning. It increases the duration of the last rinse and raises the temperature to 70 degrees Celsius, which allows for deeper cleaning and kills bacteria and germs. This ensures that dishes, cutlery, and cooking equipment are always safe to use.

In the same context, Samsung provided the dishwasher with an option (Quick Wash) that works for 60 minutes to clean and dry your dishes much faster, which is ideal for small loads and for lightly soiled items that do not need intensive cleaning, such as cups, cutlery and dinner plates; Because it will put it through a complete wash and dry cycle in just 60 minutes.

According to the South Korean company, the flexible interior is height-adjustable, so that the top shelf can be quickly raised or lowered by an additional 5cm with one touch of the launch button.

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