Samsung is working on its first rollable display smartphone

Samsung is working on its first rollable display smartphone. The model is usually called Galaxy Z Slide or Z Roll, but in the end, the device may be called something completely different. In any case, today we can look at how such a model might look approximately. 

The information is taken from the patent, so a lot may be different in the production model. In this case, the situation is also interesting from the point of view that the patent describes a smartphone very similar to what we recently saw in the Huawei patent. 

Here is exactly the same idea not to hide the screen inside the case, but to wrap it on the back of the device. Unless, in the case of a Samsung smartphone, there is a jumper on the side edge, which should give the device additional strength and protect the screen at least a little.  

Also, the difference lies in the fact that Huawei has the entire rear of the screen, which is why the size of this part changed depending on whether the smartphone is folded or unfolded. At Samsung, the part of the screen at the back, apparently, is hidden inside the case, which is why in the unfolded state the part of the display available on the backside always has the same area. 

Like Huawei, Samsung is describing technology that allows the display to be straightened, which, due to its long twisted state, may tend to maintain its shape. Huawei used magnets, and Samsung describes some kind of multi-link hinges and elastic films around the roller.  

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