The story of the explosion of the second smartphone OnePlus Nord 2 turned out to be fake

 OnePlus has released an official statement regarding the alleged explosion of the second OnePlus Nord 2 smartphone in the past few days. OnePlus said the story was fabricated.

We have been notified on Twitter about the alleged OnePlus Nord 2 explosion. We always take such claims very seriously and immediately investigate them to check the accuracy of the information first. During our conversation with this person, we were able to confirm that this alleged case was false and in no way related to any OnePlus product. All OnePlus products undergo rigorous quality and safety testing to ensure they meet leading industry standards and are safe to use.

OnePlus added that the company adheres to strict internal processes to ensure the safety of users as well as protect the brand's reputation. The company also urged the public to exercise restraint when assessing unverified allegations like this one.

Earlier, Shubham Srivastava reported that the OnePlus Nord 2, which he bought for his father, exploded. This story has been officially denied. However, one OnePlus Nord 2 smartphone still exploded, with OnePlus claiming that the incident was due to "external factors. "

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