Xiaomi introduced a robotic dog named CyberDog, capable of doing back flips

Xiaomi held a grand presentation in China today, where, in addition to the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4, the Mi Pad 5 and Mi Pad 5 Pro tablets, and the new OLED TVs, the robotic dog CyberDog was presented.

By design, Xiaomi's CyberDog strongly resembles the Spot robot manufactured by Boston Dynamics but turned out to be much cheaper. CyberDog uses Xiaomi proprietary servo motors, with which the robot can perform a series of movements at speeds up to 3.2 m / s and complex actions, including backflips.

CyberDog will be released in a circulation of one thousand pieces, the price will be $ 1542. The four-legged CyberDog robot is aimed at Xiaomi fans, robotics enthusiasts, and engineers. CyberDog is built on open-source algorithms. 

The company explains:

CyberDog is Xiaomi's first effort to create four-legged robotics for the open source community and software developers around the world. Robotics enthusiasts interested in CyberDog can compete or create together with like-minded people and fans of Xiaomi, contributing to the development and potential of four-legged robots. "

Among the features of the robotic dog are the Nvidia Jetson Xavier NX platform, a 128 GB SSD, eleven different sensors, including touch and ultrasonic sensors, binocular ultra-wide-angle cameras, and the Intel RealSense D450 depth module, as well as a GPS module. Of the ports, there are three USB Type-C and HDMI. It weighs 3 kg.  

CyberDog can move independently, analyze the environment in real-time, create navigation maps, determine the destination and avoid obstacles. The robot can be assigned a code word for waking up, controlled by voice, using a remote control or a smartphone. 

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