Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 in acute shortage, company management apologizes

Immediately after the announcement of the new flagship Xiaomi Mi Mix 4, it became clear that this model was threatened with a shortage: the new product was almost instantly sold out on pre-orders. A few days later, the situation was commented on by the vice president of Xiaomi and the head of Xiaomi Group China, Lu Weibing.

It turned out that there are several problems. More precisely, two: the company is experiencing a shortage of two components for the Mi Mix 4: Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 Plus single-chip systems and ceramic cases (one of which costs 5-6 times more than a regular case with a glass back panel). Liu Weibing apologized to the annoyed users for the situation. However, the lack of components is unlikely to be eliminated in the near future: some volume of the Mi Mix 4 will be available for order on August 16, but it will not be large either.

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