Xiaomi Wireless headphones for the first time became the leader in Russia

The retailer "M.Video-Eldorado" has shared interesting statistics on the entire Russian headphone market for the first half of 2021. Analysts noted that wireless earbuds have overtaken wired models in Russia for the first time. 

The share of models with wireless connection for the first time exceeded 50%, including fully wireless models (True Wireless Stereo, TWS) in-ear headphones reached 40% in quantitative terms of all headphones sold in the country. 

In January-June 2021, sales of all headphones amounted to about 25.3 billion rubles and 10 million units, which is 32% and 5%, respectively, more than the results of the previous year.

In just six months, more than 5.2 million Bluetooth headphones were sold for 22 billion rubles, which demonstrates an increase of 44% in pieces and 42% in the money. 

The most popular is fully wireless and self-contained in-ear headphones. The TWS category accounts for 4 out of 10 pairs sold among all types of headphones. The demand for the segment compared to the previous year increased by 90% in unit terms and 58% in monetary terms. The average cost is 5,000 rubles, which is almost 1,000 rubles less than a year earlier.

The top 5 headphones on the Russian market for January-June 2021 looks like this:

  • Xiaomi Earbuds Basic 2 - TWS
  • JBL C100SI - wired in-ear headphones
  • Apple AirPods (2nd generation) - TWS
  • Apple AirPods Pro - TWS
  • JBL T110BT - wireless in-ear headphones

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