All PlayStation 5 owners can add an optional internal SSD

Sony has finally released an update for the PlayStation 5 that brings the console support for internal optional SSDs. More precisely, the firmware will unlock the corresponding slot, which was previously unavailable, and some time ago was unlocked as part of the beta version of the firmware.

The second major software update for PS5 is out today. In addition, to support additional storage, the update brings the set-top box support for 3D audio for the built-in speakers of TVs.

In addition, the PS5 now supports PS Remote Play using a mobile network connection. Previously, it only worked when connected to Wi-Fi. Another innovation is the ability to view Share Screen broadcasts in the PlayStation app. True, this opportunity will become active only from September 23rd.

Other highlights include interface changes, new menu items, automatic capturing of the best personal videos, a new trophy tracker, and improvements to the PlayStation mobile app.

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