Innodisk Delivers First Industrial-grade PCIe 4.0 Solid State Drives

Innodisk has announced the release of PCIe 4.0 industrial-grade solid-state drives. The introduction of 5G networks and artificial intelligence of things (AIoT) increases the requirements for storage capacity and speed, she said. The move from PCIe 3.0 to PCIe 4.0 enabled the increase in capacity to 4TB and double the speed. The novelties presented by Innodisk, in contrast to similar consumer models, are designed to operate in a wide temperature range - from -40 ° C to 85 ° C.

The drives use 112-layer 3D TLC flash memory. They are TCG OPAL 2.0 compliant, equipped with PCIe Gen4 x4 interface, and support AES-256 encryption and NVMe protocol. One of the notable innovations is Namespace technology, which provides higher read and write efficiency and longer SSD lifespan.

The list of new products includes M.2 2280 4TE (256 GB to 2 TB), M.2 2280 4TG-P (256 GB to 2 TB) and M.2 2280 4TG2-P (128 GB to 4 TB). The manufacturer does not provide prices, speed and resource indicators, limiting himself to the promise that trial samples of drives will be available in October.

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