Top 10 Chip Design Firms Reach $ 29.8B in Q2 2021

According to the latest research by TrendForce, the top 10 chip designers reached $ 29.8 billion in revenues in the second quarter of 2021 due to the continuing lack of manufacturing capacity in the semiconductor industry and the related rise in chip prices. This indicator increased in annual terms by 60.8%. In particular, Taiwanese companies MediaTek and Novatek demonstrated impressive growth - more than 95%. And the greatest result in the top ten was shown by AMD. Its revenue increased by almost 100% over the year.

In terms of revenue distribution, Qualcomm is the largest player in the market, providing mobile SoCs. She was able to increase revenue by 70% in a year. In second place is Nvidia, which owes its growth rate of 68.8% to the demand for GPUs. The top three is closed by Broadcom, and the indicators of the top ten are shown in the table.

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