Xiaomi has introduced a smart treadmill with NFC and automatic speed control

Xiaomi today introduced not only a miniature washing machine but also a full-size device for those who prefer to run at home. It's a $ 230 smart treadmill with a foldable design and close interaction with mobile devices.

The treadmill folds and unfolds in three simple steps, and when folded, you can store it almost anywhere: in the closet or under the bed. The track itself is not only quite wide but also cushioned, which reduces stress on the knees and back during exercise.

A feature of the device is the automatic speed control during exercise based on heart rate data received from a smartwatch or fitness bracelet. Therefore, the first buyers of the Mi Band 6 NFC fitness bracelet are promised a bonus. For easy pairing with mobile devices, the track is equipped with an NFC adapter. Of course, all training statistics can be tracked in the mobile application.  

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