AMD is going to improve the energy efficiency of its processors and graphics accelerators 30 times

AMD has announced another ambitious goal to improve the energy efficiency of its processors 30 times by 2025. In this case, this applies to Epyc server CPUs, as well as specialized Instinct graphics accelerators. Moreover, that same 30-fold improvement in energy efficiency should take place not in general, but in specific tasks. These include AI training tasks and HPC applications.  

Significantly, this goal requires AMD to improve compute node power efficiency more than 2.5 times faster than the cumulative industry-wide improvement over the past five years. These dramatic improvements in energy efficiency, the company says, will save billions of kilowatt-hours by 2025, reducing the power these systems need to complete a single calculation by 97% over five years. 

At the moment, AMD has not provided detailed plans for the use of technical processes until 2025, but we know at least that the company will switch to 5nm standards next year. 

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