Apple smartphone shipments will collapse by 40 million units this year

Global semiconductor manufacturing capacity has declined markedly this year, with chip shortages affecting many industries, including the mobile phone industry. According to the forecast of the research company Counterpoint Research, this year sales of smartphones will collapse by 40 million units.

Counterpoint Research notes that due to a shortage of chips, mobile phone manufacturers can only get 70% to 80% of the parts ordered, and 90% of mobile phone brands suffer from a shortage of parts.

Based on this, Counterpoint Research lowered its forecast for smartphone shipments this year from 1.45 billion units to 1.41 billion units, and the growth rate from the previously expected 9% to 6%. The crisis hit many companies, including Samsung, Oppo, and Xiaomi, but Apple was the least affected. The source adds that its supply chain management capabilities are far superior to other brands.

Judging by previous reports, due to limited production capacity, TSMC raised prices for several partners by 10-20%, but Apple took advantage of its VIP-partner status, and the price increase for it was only 3%.

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