Google has already unveiled Android 12L

While the world's major smartphone manufacturers are only testing the Android 12 operating system, Google has made an interesting move - it introduced a new version of the platform, Android 12L. This happened at the Android Dev Summit conference.

First of all, Android 12L is aimed at devices with large screens - foldable smartphones, tablets, and laptops based on Chrome OS. 

However, simple smartphones have not been forgotten either - Android 12L will become available for them, and users of branded Google Pixel smartphones will be able to participate in beta testing. 

Google noted the growing popularity of large-screen devices:

Over the past 12 months, we've seen nearly 100 million new Android tablet activations - up 20% from last year, while ChromeOS, now the fastest-growing desktop platform, grew 92%. We are also seeing an increase in the number of foldable devices, exceeding 265% year on year! "

The new version of the OS received an interface optimized for large screens. On the notification panel, lock screen, and some other system panels, we will see information in two columns. Major system apps have been optimized, including the home screen and main search field, power menu, settings app, and so on. 

Google has also done some work on multitasking. For large screens, there is a new taskbar that makes it easier to switch between apps, and in split-screen mode, you can drag and drop content and view apps side-by-side.

In addition, Google has improved the Compatibility Mode, these improvements offer users a better experience with applications that are not designed for large screens. Google has also provided manufacturers with tools to customize these, allowing them to set their own colors and treatments, adjust the position of the window, use rounded corners, and more.

Google plans to release Android 12L early next year - just in time for next-generation tablets and foldable devices. The company is already working with OEM partners to bring these new features to large-screen devices. Also, Google has already released a preview version of Android 12L for developers.

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