Intel's new CPUs and GPUs will power the Aurora supercomputer even more powerful than expected

Aurora - the first Exascale class supercomputer will perform better than originally stated. If two years ago, when Aurora was first talked about, the goal was 1 exaFLOPS, now Intel says that performance will exceed 2 exaFLOPS!  

True, this will be the peak performance, and sustainable under workloads will be less than 2 exaFLOPS, but this is still a lot. Based on preliminary calculations from The Next Platform, system estimates point to a peak of 2.43 exaFLOPS and about 1.7 exaFLOPS under double-precision sustained workloads (FP64). The system will use Intel Xeon Sapphire Rapids processors with HBM memory and Ponte Vecchio GPUs. 

The customer for Aurora is Argonne National Laboratory. The cost of the installation, as previously mentioned, will be $ 500 million.  

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