Oniro operating system for smartphones revealed

Last month, the OpenAtom Foundation and the Eclipse Foundation announced a new partnership, and this week the Oniro operating system, which was powered by Huawei HarmonyOS, was unveiled.

It is worth explaining that Huawei donated an open-source version of HarmonyOS to the OpenAtom Foundation, called OpenHarmony. OpenHarmony is open-source contains the core capabilities of HarmonyOS and is independent of the Android Open Source Project (AOSP).

The Oniro operating system is designed with open source to create transparent, vendor-agnostic software for the Internet of Things era. The Eclipse Foundation promises that Oniro will also provide additional specifications to facilitate the global adoption of HarmonyOS.

The new Oniro operating system is a global version of OpenHarmony and will be available for a variety of platforms including mobile phones, IoT devices, cars, and more.

This new operating system will enable and enhance the use of HarmonyOS in the global marketplace. The developer community will provide an independent but interoperable implementation of the OpenHarmony specifications tailored for the global marketplace. All Oniro apps will run on OpenHarmony, and all future HarmonyOS adaptations will be able to run Oniro apps.

This interoperability will enable the Oniro community to create a global ecosystem and marketplace for applications and services that can be used on both operating systems anywhere in the world. - Eclipse

Oniro is a fresh start for HarmonyOS and is backed by various tech giants in the industry including Huawei, Arm Linaro, Seco, and others. In the future, the number of partners will increase.

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