Reviews of the first users about the bangs of the new MacBook Pro began to appear on the web

Twitter user Quinn Nelson, with over 140,000 followers, was one of the first to share his experiences with the new MacBook Pro with bangs.

It is worth noting that the newly minted MacBook Pro owner is very unhappy with this decision: “What the hell? How did it go on sale? What it is?" - with these words he commented on the first video, in which he shows that behind the bangs there are actually invisible menu items, the name of which is impossible to read.

In some applications, the cursor simply cannot be brought into the area that is hidden by the bangs. It jumps from left to right or bends around the perimeter of the cutout.

 Apple also made it possible to hide bangs in MacBook Pro full-screen mode. Shruti Haldea, Mac product line manager who co-hosted last week's Apple event, recently praised the bangs on the MacBook Pro.

The brand new 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pros will go on sale this Friday, October 29th.

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