SmartThermostat ecobee taught to understand Siri voice commands

 Ecobee recently announced that its voice-activated SmartThermostat can now be controlled by the virtual assistant Siri. The device provides this feature with a free software update. The distribution of the update has already begun and will reach all SmartThermostat users over the next few weeks.

With the update, thermostat users can use Apple's Smart Assistant to get help setting temperatures, sending intercom messages, and being more hands-free. The SmartThermostat will send these requests through the HomePod mini Hub. Users can also control the thermostat using the Home app. According to the manufacturer, the addition of Siri "demonstrates the ecobee's commitment to an open ecosystem."

The ecobee SmartThermostat provides a comfortable indoor environment and energy savings. It costs $ 250. The device comes with one SmartSensor. Additional sensors are offered in sets of two. To turn on Siri on the thermostat, you need an Apple HomePod mini and an iPhone with iOS 15 or later. Built-in voice control via Amazon Alexa will continue to work after the update.

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