TSMC presented the N4P process technology

TSMC introduced the N4P process, which enhances the 5nm technology platform, optimizing for performance criteria. New process technology was added to N5, N4, N3. According to the manufacturer, the choice between them gives customers the opportunity to choose the most suitable combination of power consumption, performance, die area, and product cost.

The new process technology is the third major improvement on TSMC's 5nm platform. The company estimates that N4P delivers an 11% increase in productivity over the original N5 technology and 6% over N4. Compared to N5, N4P will also provide 22% more energy efficiency and 6% more transistor density. In addition, N4P reduces process complexity and shortens wafer cycle times by reducing the number of masks.

N4P projects are said to be well supported by TSMC's comprehensive design ecosystem. The first products based on N4P technology are expected to go into production by the second half of 2022.

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