Apple's iconic napkin is already available for as little as $ 2.50 in China

Not so long ago, Apple released a screen cleaning cloth, which is offered for $ 19 in the United States and 1990 rubles in Russia. It has already caused a lot of controversies, but the demand for it was prohibitive. In some countries, the waiting time is 12 weeks.

As reported by Mydrivers, the same Apple napkin has already appeared in the Chinese Pinduoduo store for 16.79 yuan, or about $ 2.50. In China, the price of a napkin in the official Apple store is 145 yuan, or $ 22.7.

The source notes that we are not talking about a fake or a similar napkin, but about the same product: “Same model of Apple napkin, direct sales from the factory. This is exactly the same product as on the official website. "

In an interview with The New York Times, an Apple spokesperson said the company was not in the least surprised by the high demand for polishing cloth, adding that the napkin does an extremely efficient job and was specifically designed for Apple's new screens.

It remains to wait for Apple's comment.

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