Aqara whole house smart dimming Pro customization service released

Today Lumi Aqara officially released the whole house smart dimming Pro customization service. The main body of this service adopts the lighting scheme without main light, provides LED light strips, spotlights, track lights, and other luminaries, designs the whole-house lighting for users, realizes color temperature and brightness zone adjustment, and combines sensors to realize intelligent adaptive lighting. In addition, this service is compatible with Apple's HomeKit smart home platform.

Specifically, Aqara's lighting customization service uses a light source with a color rendering index of Ra≥90 and has a low blue light design to achieve colors close to natural light. The light supports 2700K-6500K stepless color temperature adjustment, and the color tolerance SDCM<5. The light adopts PWM dimming technology, the transition is delicate, and there is no video flicker.

In the application process, the lighting in different areas of the room can be adjusted in layers as required to meet the needs of different scenes.

Aqara Whole House Smart Dimming Pro is also equipped with a sensor combination to realize active sensing of dimming scenes. It will automatically turn on the light when someone passes by, and automatically turn off the light when it enters the sleep state. The product supports the adaptive lighting function of Apple HomeKit, which can automatically adjust the color temperature of the whole house according to different time periods.

Lighting adjustment can rely on a wireless switch, Jiyue Smart Panel S1, combined with a variety of smart devices, you can get the desired lighting effect. Combined with the Aqara smart camera G3, it can also realize AI gesture recognition to control the light; paired with the Apple HomePod mini smart speaker, you can control the light and timing through the Siri voice assistant.

Aqara whole house smart dimming Pro uses Zigbee 3.0 protocol for connection, which has the characteristics of ultra-low power consumption and stable control.

The official said that this customized service supports 600+ service providers nationwide and 300+ big cities after-sales. The offline Aqara Home smart home experience hall is now available. After the experience, users can make an appointment for a professional team to conduct a survey and plan design. And construction implementation.

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