Core Motion Technology: The first domestic high-performance server-level graphics card GPU tested successfully

According to the official WeChat official account of the customized chip company Core Motion Technology, recently, Core Motion Technology customized high-performance graphics card GPU chip for China's 5G data center-"Fenghua No. 1" was successfully returned to the film test , The world premiere is coming soon.

According to the official, "Fenghua No. 1" is equipped with the world's top GDDR6X and chiplet technologies, achieving zero breakthroughs in domestic high-performance graphics GPUs in data centers , and greatly improving the graphics rendering capabilities of domestic GPUs.

According to the official introduction, the "Fenghua No. 1" GPU is the industry's first rendering GPU that uses the world's top GDDR6X high-bandwidth video memory technology and cutting-edge technologies such as Innolink chiplet. It uses China's patented physical unclonable encryption PUF technology, PCIe 4.0, HDMI2. 1. Self-developed advanced technologies such as DP/eDP 1.4 . "Fenghua No. 1" is the first domestically compatible 4K high-definition desktop and high-performance server-level GPU. It supports domestic Linux, Android, and Windows operating systems; supports mainstream graphics frameworks such as OpenGL/OpenGLES/OpenCL/Vulkan/DX; supports VR /AR/AI; smoothly supports data center-level multi-user application scenarios such as multi-channel cloud games, cloud mobile phones, cloud office, and cloud desktops.

According to the official official account of Innosilicon, Innosilicon is a one-stop IP and chip customization service in China, as well as a leading GPU company. It provides a full set of high-performance IP cores and ASICs from 55 nanometers to 5 nanometers of FinFet worldwide. Customized solutions. The company has been based on local development for 15 years, and all IP and chips are fully autonomous and controllable. After billions of mass production and polishing, the Chinese market share has been far ahead for ten consecutive years. It is launching the first domestic data center high-performance server "Fenghua" GPU.

The official has not announced the performance of the "Fenghua No. 1" GPU, and how to wait for the specific conclusion after the listing.

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