EMagin has the world's brightest full color OLED micro display

EMagin, which specializes in the design, design, and manufacture of high-resolution active-matrix OLED microdisplays for AR and VR headsets and other applications where the display is close to the eyes, has unveiled a prototype in WUXGA resolution (1920 x 1200 pixels). It uses Direct Patterning Display Technology (dPd), allowed to receive a record high luminance of 10,000 cd / m 2 . According to the manufacturer, this is the world's brightest full-color high-resolution OLED micro-display.

“This is a historic moment for eMagin and the industry, and it is our greatest achievement to date in developing our proprietary dPd technology,” said Andrew G. Sculley, CEO of eMagin. “By applying direct texture shaping to WUXGA displays, we have achieved a maximum brightness of over 10,000 cd / m 2 and rich RGB colors. This is a 20x improvement over our standard XL white OLED microdisplays with a color filter and three to four times that of our new XLE micro-displays, and we consider it the brightest full-color high-resolution OLED micro-display in the world. We are working with a first-tier customer on this development, including finding ways to produce it on an industrial scale.

The illustration on the left shows the structure of a microdisplay on white OLEDs with a color filter, on the right - the structure of a microdisplay that uses dPd technology.

"The brightness of the full-color image 10 000 cd / m 2 - is an important milestone on our way to creating a full-color display with a brightness of more than 28 000 cd / m 2 by the middle of 2023 - said Scully. - For comparison: the typical laptop monitor provides a brightness of 250 cd / m 2 , and qualitative smartphone - only 1000 cd / m 2 . In addition, our dPd displays contain more than 2,500 individually addressable pixels per inch (ppi), providing remarkable clarity and resolution compared to typical 330 PPI laptop screens and 600 PPI OLED smartphones. ” 

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