For the sake of a new smartphone, Apple cut iPad production by 50%

This year, all industries faced the problem of a shortage of microcircuits due to the crisis in the semiconductor market. Initially, it was believed that Apple's stable supply chain would prevent the company from feeling this deficit, but problems even affected such a giant.

According to Mydrivers, citing several sources at once, Apple has sharply cut production of iPads in order to allocate more components for smartphones of the iPhone 13 series. This means that the shortage of chips is more serious than previously thought.

People familiar with the matter have confirmed that iPad production has dropped 50% over the past two months from the original plan. In addition, for the sake of a stable supply of the iPhone 13, Apple also uses parts that were intended for previous iPhone models.

The source confirms that the iPad and iPhone have many similar parts, including the main and peripheral chips, so Apple may thus change its plans for the volume of production of certain models.

The popularity of the iPhone 13 turned out to be prohibitive, which was superimposed on the shortage of components. However, so far there are enough smartphones in stores.

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