HKC released PG27P5U Mini LED display

HKC Huike launched the PG27P5U Mini LED display in November. This flagship product measures 27 inches and has a 4K resolution + 144Hz refresh rate. The display uses Mini LED backlight technology to achieve a contrast ratio of 200,000:1 and a high brightness of 1000 nit.

The HKC PG27P5U display uses an IPS panel, with 2048 LED beads on the back, and a quantum dot filter film to increase the color gamut. Through Local Dimming independent chip backlight control technology, the control accuracy of the backlight area can be improved. This monitor supports 512 partition backlight control, which can achieve 100% Adobe RGB wide color gamut and 96% DCI-P3 color gamut. In addition, the delay is as low as 1ms.

In addition, this product has HDR1000 certification. The product supports Free Sync technology, has a dedicated display mode for games, can display crosshairs, provide refresh timing function, and can also increase the brightness of dark scenes of the game. 

The bracket of HKC PG27P5U adopts a sci-fi style two-stage design, which is convenient to adjust the angle, height, etc., and supports 90° vertical rotation. There is a curved RGB light on the back of the monitor, and the light effect can be adjusted freely.

The product has multiple interfaces such as HDMI 2.1×2, an integrated USB-Hub function, and supports Type-C first-line connection, which can be charged in reverse. The product is currently on sale with a retail price of 9,999 yuan.

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