Over the year, the situation with the supply of PlayStation 5 has not changed much

From the very beginning of the PlayStation 5 sales, the game console turned out to be a scarce commodity: demand far exceeded supply, for which Sony had to build new supply chains. It got to the point that the company sent the PlayStation 5 to the United States by air - all just to somehow meet the huge demand. However, a year has passed and nothing has fundamentally changed: Sony still uses planes to deliver the PlayStation 5.

Only this time we are not talking about the United States, but about the UK. According to the source, the company sent three cargo Boeing 747s to the island, each of which can hold about 50 pallets with about 100 tons of "equipment". The contents of three planes were enough to fully load 12 trucks. Sony itself has already confirmed the delivery of PlayStation 5 by air, and, apparently, this practice will continue in the near future, until the shortage is eliminated. As the holiday season begins, Sony clearly doesn't want to upset people who still haven't got a PlayStation 5.

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