Samsung has introduced RAM for the next generation of flagship smartphones

Samsung today officially introduced LPDDR5X RAM, which is intended to replace LPDDR5, which is used in many flagship smartphones now. LPDDR5X is manufactured using the 14 nm process technology and 16-gigabit chips, as opposed to 8-gigabit chips in the case of LPDDR5. In theory, this makes it possible to double the RAM of smartphones, tablets or any other devices where LPDDR5X will be used instead of LPDDR5.

The new memory provides data transfer rates of 8.5 Gbps, 1.3 times faster than LPDDR5 (6.4 Gbps). At the same time, power consumption is reduced by 20%, which is why Samsung believes that LPDDR5X is very suitable for smartphones with 5G support, which consume a lot of energy when working on fifth-generation networks.

When the finished devices with LPDDR5X will be released, it is not reported, but rumors have it that the memory may debut in the Samsung Galaxy S22 smartphones.

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