The Rhodes MK8 is a high-end electromechanical piano

The manufacturer reports that the tool is assembled by hand and has a precision construction made from quality materials. On the company's website, you can customize the novelty by choosing a color and designing your own effects section.

Equipped with 73 precision-crafted spruce wood keys from Kluge Klaviaturen GmbH, it offers a true piano feel with enhanced responsiveness. Onboard the MK8, you can take advantage of a variety of effects thanks to the built-in VCA compressor and analog stereo bucket brigade effects: chorus, phaser, delay. You can also use the expression pedal to control the speed of the phaser, chorus, and delay time, for example. The instrument comes with an LFO function, analog preamp, and analog active EQ with adjustable bass, midrange, and treble (+/- 15 dB range).

Connectivity includes two XLR (L / R) outputs, two 1/4 '' TRS (L / R) outputs, 1/4 '' TRS send, 1/4 '' TRS return, 1/4 '' headphone output TRS and USB connector. The exterior design is based on the Rhodes MK1 by Axel Hartmann and offers a higher level of customization.

The base Rhodes MK8 in black without stand and effects panel will be available for $ 9,250. The model with effects panel, walnut finish and frosted glass lid will be available for $ 12,410.

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