Tmall: There are now 382 brands on Double 11 with a revenue of more above 100 million yuan

Data released by Tmall early this morning showed that as of 0:45 on November 11, there were 411 small and medium-sized brands with a turnover of over one million last year, and sales exceeded ten million this year; There are 40 brands with tens of millions of dollars in sales on Double 11 last year, and their sales exceeded 100 million yuan this year.

In addition, from November 1st to 11th at 0:45, 382 brands have had a turnover of more than 100 million yuan on Tmall Double 11.

These include domestic brands such as Huawei and Hongxing Erke, as well as international brands such as Apple and L'Oreal. Time-honored brands such as Pecho Ling and Huili, and new brands such as Jiao Nei and Tian Ke also ranked among the top 100 million in turnover.

Tmall said that since this year, Tmall has launched more than 30 merchants' cost reduction and efficiency measures including free business consultants, return freight insurance and fee reduction, and 14 support for merchants during the Double 11 period. Measures, including various subsidies, pre-sale, and cash-back financial services, etc.

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