Xiaomi's official summary of the reasons for the rapid power consumption of MIUI mobile phones

The deputy general manager of Xiaomi Internet One, posted a post in the Xiaomi community, saying that a lot of engine oil feedback is a bit fast, so he asked an engineer to analyze everyone’s feedback log. Summarized several types of reasons for excessive power consumption.

As you can see from the figure below, “location service is not turned off” ranks first, accounting for 18% ; apps consume too much power (short videos, games, calls, etc.) accounting for 17%; the screen is set to always on and the screen is always on The highest brightness, self-starting of some applications, and mutual invocation of applications are also relatively high power consumption items.

Qiao Zhongliang said that the default function is of course easy to use. The situation here is that sometimes the positioning switch and Bluetooth switch are actively turned on by everyone, and the system cannot help you turn off. There are also some applications that are automatically started by the application to guide you to open. Attention has been maintained, these left behind the hidden dangers of power consumption. 

Regarding the problem of positioning power consumption, Qiao Zhongliang said that remember to turn off positioning when not in use.

Currently a milestone version of the MIUI 12.5 stable version ( is undergoing a grayscale upgrade. This version is a relatively large push of MIUI before the end of the year, and the overall stability is further optimized.

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