AGM launched the G1 Pro headlight version of the rugged mobile phone

AGM mobile phone announced today that after the G1 / G1 Pro, it will launch a headlight model with an independent LED light module. The headlight version of AGM G1 Pro is now on the shelves, priced at 4,999 yuan.

According to the official introduction, the G1 Pro headlight version has added an independent thermal imaging module, which is 3 times the split rate of traditional thermal imaging equipment and 2.5 times the refresh rate of traditional thermal imaging equipment; it has a three-proof low-temperature structure and independent battery activation technology. Overcome the low temperature problem of mobile phones and adapt to polar and peak environments; the top of the mobile phone is equipped with a dual LED light module, 120 lumens, the official said that the brightness is several times that of the mobile phone flash.

In terms of protection performance, the G1 Pro headlight version has passed IP68 MAX certification, IP69K certification, and MIL-STD-810H certification. It supports 1.5 meters of six-sided drop resistance + 1.5 meters of waterproof and non-destructive, 80-degree high-temperature hot water impact without damage + 100BAR without water pressure impact .

In terms of configuration, the G1 Pro headlight version is equipped with Snapdragon 480, 8GB memory + 256GB flash memory, a battery capacity of 6200mAh, a 6.53-inch FHD+ LCD screen, and four rear cameras.

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