Apple hired Meta AR Public Relations Director to prepare for the headset launch in 2022

With the increasing rumors of Apple’s augmented reality (AR) headsets, Apple is said to have hired the AR media director of Facebook’s parent company Meta. The well-known reporter Mark Gurman said in his latest issue of "Power On" that he was informed that Apple has hired Meta Media and Public Relations Director Andrea Schubert (Andrea Schubert) for its AR business. Schubert). Gulman said that Apple is forming a team to be responsible for the launch and marketing of future headsets.

In October of this year, Gullman said that Apple plans to launch a mixed reality headset as early as 2022, but the price is "expensive." Apple AR headsets are said to be able to display text messages, emails, maps, games, and other content through a holographic screen. Gullman said last year that Apple has developed two strategies for AR devices, one is AR glasses and the other is more powerful AR/VR headsets.

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